I believe in finding a balance between movement, mobility and strength. Have a look below at some of the methods I use to get you feeling, moving and looking better.

Loaded Movement, Animal Flow, Ground 2 Stand, Body Weight Training and Traditional Strength Training – Depending on what you need right now, I use some or all of these in your individual program to achieve the best results for you. I believe feeling and looking good should go hand in hand and not be limited to just one or the other. To make sure I create the right program for you, a free movement assessment is included as your first session. This isn’t about how many pushups or squats you can do, it’s about whether you can access the movements you should be able to.

Is your back sore when you squat down to pick something up, do your knees hurt when you lunge, squat or after a walk or a run? Does the way you feel after you do what you love, stop you from doing what you love? We need to ask why! Then answer these questions to find the most successful path for you to achieve your goals.

Loaded movement

Loaded movement is as it sounds, it’s about adding load (safely) to movement. We need to challenge the body to move in different directions just as we are designed to do. If you think about what you do in daily life, how often do you just lift something up and put it down in front of you without moving, bending, twisting or shifting? Very rarely. So why not do it safely in a controlled environment and learn to effectively and efficiently use your whole body to complete any task.

We all want to be resilient in daily life, adding Loaded Movement to your program means you will have more success meeting your daily challenges, and the benefits don’t stop there. Tissue health, cell health, muscle growth, fat loss and anti-aging all come from using loading movement principles.

Animal Flow And Ground 2 Stand

Animal Flow and Ground 2 Stand are especially beneficial for bringing awareness, mobility, function and strength back to your body. As we age, we adapt to the set of circumstances we are living and the daily stress our body is dealing with. This can be a positive stress or one that leaves us feeling tight, immobile and not as strong as we should be. Animal Flow and G2S similar to methods like Yoga allow you to move your body, not equipment, safely through different positions to improve all of the above.

Re-habilitation, core strengthening, joint mobilisation, fluid mobilisation, increasing circulation, muscle growth and fat loss are also the benefits from having this in your program.


These you would know of or have read about elsewhere, tried and true they have stood the test of time for a reason. Just like the rest of the methods above, they are only as good as their application. Depending on your goals, these can fit perfectly into any program for anyone.

They should be part of your program, not all of your program!

Think about stronger bones, increasing muscle strength, tone, fat loss and again being more resilient to what life has to throw at us.