What people are saying

Over the past 6 years I embarked on a program of fitness, strength and endurance which continually helped improve my wellbeing.

With Iain on board this new direction has been a beneficial transformation of my lifestyle. Iain's rich understanding of one's body, its movements, surroundings and influences has helped me tone up, loose weight, strengthen my core thereby remaining healthy and fit.

We've all been blessed in meeting Iain, his simple yet arduous and strenuous workouts don't not punish one's body but rather reward the hard work put in. Iain is knowledgeable, patient and a kind person, who will be solely missed, but an asset and friend for those wherever he turns up.

All the best Mate and thanks for all the good you've done for me and my family. Good luck in the years ahead and I know we will remain friends in health and fitness.

Nick from the Centre of the Universe the Island of Heroes.

Nicholas Spyrakis

I have trained with Iain for the past 18 months. Having had back surgery and still suffering with pain,I was happy to find Iain had the knowledge and experience to help me regain movement confidence. Not only did I enjoy my sessions, but I have felt a substantial improvement in my discomfort and continue to learn new skills. Iain has always been professional and yet caring and supportive. I am grateful to him for helping me on my journey to healthy movement.

Terry Hosiosky

My life was always filled with a wide range of sporting, outdoor activities until I got struck by severe lower back pain, lumbar disc degeneration, leading me to 2 spinal surgeries. My situation was not improving and I was about to have a third and major surgery (disc replacement). My neuro-surgeon recommended that I see a personal trainer to give a last chance to avoiding a major procedure. My spirit was so low and the pain still so high that I did not believe this would deliver any improvement. Anyway, I still gave this last one a chance, even if my numerous previous attempts with physios, rehab programs, etc.. didn't work.Iain has been looking after me almost since day 1, reconstructing, realigning everything messed up in my body, muscles, posture, step by step, week after week, increasing effort gradually. After 6 mths my pain was pretty much gone, and my spirit was back to the top! Then progressively, we increased the loads, efforts, and a 1 year ½ later, I can confidently say that he's been THE solution to my complex lower back problem. What I have achieved with Iain is not only outstanding, it just went way beyond expectations.
I cannot recommend him high enough.

Stephane Dubots

Iain is a fantastic trainer; technically astute with a high level of EQ.
I have totally enjoyed working with Iain over the past couple of years both in small class environments and semi private sessions. I get a great workout, and know that it has been technically beneficial and helping me towards my goals. He is genuine, caring and makes the sessions [reasonably] fun - while working you hard!

Danni Uglow

I have worked with Iain as a client and alongside him when treating his clients. He always demonstrates a high level of knowledge of functional anatomy, making working with him a true pleasure. I've enjoyed his classes over the past couple of years and feel his knowledge brings an extra level to his guidance in class. Iain will be well missed in Sydney.

Coby du Preez, Remedial Massage Therapist

Iain has been my trainer for over 3 years.
He is extremely knowledgeable of the human body and can design the perfectly tailored program taking into account your goals and skill levels. He is not only about big muscles but about making his clients healthier and more mobile. I have always been a very active person but at 43 years of age and 2 kids later I have never been fitter, stronger and more flexible than I am now. In an overcrowded industry he is a standout with his approach, knowledge and personality.
It has been an absolute pleasure to work with him!

Catalina Febo

I have found Iain to be the most intuitive trainer that I have ever had. He seeks to understand how my body is feeling (as it gets older) and works to adjust a session to meet my needs on that day. He follows up on how a session has gone and how my body is feeling.

I would recommend him to anyone. He is a great trainer and he truely cares about those he trains.

Mark O'Reilly