Why Behrmovement

I believe in finding a balance between movement, mobility and strength. Restoring function, fitness and health will allow you to achieve more out of your day and have the energy to tackle life, work and family. Using methods from the Functional Ageing Institute, Anatomy in Motion and Institute of Motion, I add all of these elements safely into your individual program and match your program to how you feel right now. If you need this, then look below and find out how you fit into the picture.






YOU are designed to move, your body thrives on movement and more importantly 3D movement. You should be moving in 3D, allowing this to mobilise, strengthen and take the aches that daily life creates away. I work out what movement you’re missing and add this to your program.

Challenge yourself right now! Lunge to the side or at an angle behind you, does it feel comfortable? Well, it should!


Would life be a better if getting in and out of a car was easier and less of a chore? Would picking something up off the ground that you didn’t require a plan beforehand make your life better? Imagine if you felt great after a round or a surf and painkillers weren’t the solution. I add Mobility strategies to your program and improve your performance whether it be on the course, court or in the ocean.


Strength can mean many things, whether this makes you think of being able to move the couch, drive or hit a ball further, take a lid off a bottle, increase a particular lift or even get a bit more out of your turns. Whatever it is for you, YOU need to be strong. Having this at your disposal will make performing at life a little easier. I add the strength you need, to the life you lead.